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Oregon Department of Revenue Building

Salem, Oregon


After more than 30 years, the exterior of the Oregon Department of Revenue building in Salem was in need of some professional help. Built in 1981 and added on to in 1985, the decades and the weather had not been kind to the concrete on the exterior of the four-story building.



An experienced crew from D&R Masonry Restoration went to work. They first removed precast concrete "stones" covering structural steel I-beams that had rusted. The beams were ground down to the base metal and then give a protective coat of primer to keep the rust from returning.



While this was being done on one part of the office building, other crew members removed old caulking between the numerous external window perimeters and concrete panels and replaced it with new caulking. Finally, the entire building envelope was power washed and sealed.



"We have really enjoyed this project," says D&R Vice President Dan Elkins. "This scope of work really plays to our strengths as a company. We are also excited about successfully completing the other projects that we are working on for the State of Oregon."


D&R's Rodney Anderson prepares the surface of steel beams for the application of a protective primer at the Revenue building in Salem.


Three D&R workers on three lifts on the north side of the Oregon Department of Revenue building in Salem are all completing different parts of the multifaceted restoration project for the State of Oregon.





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