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D&R gets Top Grades on Higher Education Projects

Projects for institutions of Higher Education are a big part of the work done by D&R Masonry Restoration. From major universities to smaller schools to junior colleges, the folks at D&R use their professional skills, knowledge and experience to successfully complete a wide variety of jobs large and small. Waterproofing, tuckpointing, masonry restoration, caulking and applying exterior coatings are but a few of the services that D&R's skilled technicians have performed on new ground-up Higher Ed buildings as well as century-old structures in need of some TLC.

UO Arena Only One of the University's Projects Completed with Innovative Work by D&R

D&R was on the University of Oregon Matthew Knight Arena from the beginning of construction to the end. The company waterproofed the excavated site and did thousands of linear feet of interior caulking on the nearly completed project

The recently completed Matthew Knight Arena and adjacent parking structure on the University of Oregon Campus in Eugene was a huge project. Built by General Contractor Hoffman Construction, the $227 million, 400,000-square-foot building houses a 12,500-seat arena and many rooms large and small to be used for a wide variety of university and community events.

D&R Masonry Restoration was on the job from the very beginning. After the excavation for the structure was completed and a lag wall was built to hold back the soil, the D&R crew installed a complex "Blind Side Waterproofing System." This underground waterproofing membrane, called bentonite, was applied to the interior of the wall that was then encased in concrete. Later in the construction schedule, this waterproofing system was also placed under the arena floor. More than 55,000 square feet of bentonite was used in this application.

A complex but highly effective method of waterproofing known as "Blind Side Waterproofing" was installed by a crew from D&R after the excavation was complete.

Next, 75,000 square feet of hot rubber waterproofing was applied to the plaza deck around the arena to protect its surface, and 52,000 square feet of waterproofing was put on the top of the building to keep water from penetrating the structure, protect the concrete from erosion and increase the energy efficiency of the arena. Then professional crews from D&R placed 125,000 square feet of Blue Skin on the exteriors of the building. This provides an air and water barrier as well as increasing the building's energy efficiency by stopping air leakage from the interior to the outside. This not only saves on heating and cooling costs but also controls condensation and mold problems.

D&R workers Andrew Hornocker and Esequiel Gonzales applied some of the 125,000 square feet of Blue Skin to the exterior of the arena to prevent air and water damage as well as increasing the building's energy efficiency.

A final job on the project had D&R workers installing nearly 40,000 linear feet of caulking to the interior of the arena to give the building envelope an even tighter seal.

"This has been a great project for us," says D&R President Ray Elkins. "We were on the site doing a variety of jobs from the very beginning to completion. Most of the work was complex and the schedule was tight, but sometime that's the only way to get the job done. It's a beautiful building and we are proud we had a hand in constructing such a recognizable project."

Century-Old Building and New Baseball Stadium also U of O Projects for D&R

More than a century old, Fenton Hall on the U of O Campus, received some TLC from D&R. Workers replaced damaged bricks, did tuckpointing and cleaned the exterior.

Many of the concrete window sills on Fenton Hall were badly damaged. It took the skilled craftsmen from D&R to handle the complex process of repairing the sills.

Built in 1906, Fenton Hall on the U of O Campus was in need of some work. Led by General Contractor Chambers Construction, the building recently underwent a seismic, mechanical and cosmetic upgrade and D&R Masonry Restoration was an essential part of the construction team. A crew from D&R installed more than11,000 pins to shore up the masonry on the structure. On the exterior, the workers also replaced damaged bricks, did tuckpointing and repaired concrete window sills. The skilled D&R craftsmen handled the complex rebuilding of the sills, which took several layers of delicately applied masonry, with craftsmanship and precision.

The 3,200-seat PK Park on the U of O Campus will house both the Ducks baseball team in the spring and the Emeralds of the Northwest League in the summer.

PK Park is the new home of the University of Oregon baseball team as well as the Eugene Emeralds of the Northwest League. The $17 million stadium seats 3,200 fans and was built by General Contractor Lease Crutcher Lewis. Workers from D&R were on the construction site early in the process. Because of the wet springtime conditions in the Northwest and the need for a dry playing surface during the college baseball season, extensive below grade waterproofing was installed."

Because of the wet conditions in the Northwest, a crew from D&R installed extensive below grade waterproofing to the baseball stadium.

"The wide variety of jobs we have done for the University of Oregon over the years has been very challenging," says D&R Project Manager AJ Moody. "Our professional crews have stepped up to the challenges and have done excellent work. We have developed a great working relationship with the U of O and are looking forward to even more projects in the future."





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